Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly is the third artist in residence on Swansea Print Workshops, Drawn to Print project. Kelly’s residency runs from November to December 2012.

Fiona Kelly illustrates contemporary fables. In uniting banal objects with playful slogans, she describes happenings which facilitate the viewer to question of the absurdities found in everyday situations. What was thought to be familiar has to be re-assessed.

Drawing is the key to her practice, and projects are a result of situation, environments’ and the relationship between objects and the space they occupy. Kelly’s work utilises the timbre of the relief print; functional graphic illustrations which present moral narratives and information in an unassuming, accessible way.

Kelly holds a B.A in Fine Art, Sculpture, received from Cluain Mhuire, Galway (2005) and a B.A (Honors) in Fine Art, Printmaking, from the Crawford College of Art, Cork (2008). She is an active member of Cork Printmakers and the Artist Collective CCP. 

 In the Interim” This Constant Movement of Bricks Series


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